Wargame of the Year!


A few weeks ago we announced that our Uboot: The Board Game had been nominated for the Charles S. Roberts Award! Today we can finally share with you the news that have won in the following categories:
⚓ Wargame of the Year
⚓ Best Map Graphics
⚓ Best Playing Components
⚓ Best Wargame Rules
⚓ Best Box Cover Art
⚓ Best World War 2 Era Board Wargame
⚓ Best Solitaire or Cooperative Board Wargame
⚓ Best Computer Assist Module
Thank you all for your votes ❤️
Enjoy watching this video from the awards ceremony. Skip to 18:30 if you can’t wait to see Artur from our team 😀
Charles S. Roberts Award: charlieawards.wordpress.com