About us

Iron Wolf Studio is a high-flying game company comprised of veteran devs and visionary designers. Until recently, Iron Wolf Studio and Inimages were two separate business entities, but after completing a successful project together, they decided to join forces as Iron Wolf Studio in order to expand their potential.

The two companies have created U-Boot the Board Game. A unique blend of PC U-boat simulation and a board game with beautiful physical components. This ambitious project raised more than 686k GBP, its first print run sold out immediately, and a reprint is currently in production, with a score of 8 out of 10 on the number one board game site boardgamegeek.com. Further development of the game is planned, as distributors are already referring to it as a ‘potential evergreen’, new business partners approach IWS to publish new language editions, and, due to the game’s uniqueness, it has no forseeable competition.

Having realized the potential, Iron Wolf Studio is seeking financing to develop a fully-fledged PC simulator entitled Destroyer: The U-boat Hunter. Given the company’s experience in World War 2 naval simulation, Destroyer may gather a broad audience and generate substantial profit across multiple platforms. Furthermore, IWS intends to develop a  unique business model by combining videogame and board game development in order to maximize brand recognition and sales. Just as a video game can generate profit across multiple platforms, Iron Wolf Studio intends to take it one step further and release their IPs on the rapidly expanding board game market, endowing them with unique features by enhancing the traditional board game format with a mobile app component.


Bartosz Pluta

Co-founder and President of the board at Iron Wolf Studio. Experienced entrepreneur and lawyer. Project director and game designer behind U-BOOT The Board Game. Producer of upcoming projects by IWS: DESTROYER: The U-Boot Hunter (Steam), SHERMAN COMMANDER (Steam), KILLING STREAM – Interacvtive Movie (Steam). Aside from game design, responsible for leading the company.

Artur Salwarowski

Videogame journalist with over twenty years of experience, working for PSX Extreme – the biggest, longest published and most influential console games magazine in Poland. He has written countless reviews and game guides, and, being a certified translator and interpreter, he is responsible for all the writing for IWS. Even more importantly, his rich experience in gaming (console, PC, and board games) made him the creative powerhouse behind Iron Wolf Studio and a key figure in bringing U-Boot the Board Game to life.

Tomasz Chudy

Lead programmer, has been working in the industry since 1997. He has taken part in more than 35 projects for PC, Mac, iOs, and Android, cooperating with such companies and publishers as Eidos, Topware/Reality Pump, Cenega, Playway, Alawar, Big Fish Games, and WWF Poland.

Krzysztof Czerwieniec

3d artist and game designer with more than 20 years of experience in the business. He has contributed to more than 30 projects for PC, Mac, iOs, and Android and has worked with Eidos, Topware/Reality Pump, Cenega, Playway, Alawar, Big Fish Games, and WWF Poland.