Tom Hanks Destroyer The u-boat hunter

Tom Hanks is making a film about Destroyer!


It was a very pleasant surprise to learn that the newest WW2 movie with Tom Hanks would be revolving around the exact same subject as our game! 🤩 By now, most of you have already seen the trailer for ‘Greyhound’, so it would be great to know how you felt about it.🙌

Do you think it will make a good movie? Is there anything that you haven’t seen in the trailer that you think the final production should have? What historical inconsistencies have you noticed? 🧐

While we realize that Hollywood is governed by its own laws, then let us hope that all WW2 movie and game creators (ourselves included!), can put historical accuracy above their personal flights of fancy. Regardless, we hope that the movie will succeed in raising more awareness and interest in the fascinating Battle of the Atlantic! 🌊⚓️