Robin Hood’s back, and he’s got jokes!


Step into medieval England with Robin in da Hood, a 3D, top-down single-player action-adventure game. Play as Robin Hood, the legendary outlaw famed for his archery skills and rebellion against tyranny. However, this isn’t your typical Robin Hood story. Inspired by classics like Grand Theft Auto 2 and Mel Brooks’ Men in Tights, Robin in da Hood blends slapstick comedy, witty dialogue, and pop-culture references, offering a fresh and fun take on the traditional tale.


Key Features

  • Unconventional Hero: Experience a hilarious reimagining of Robin Hood and his adventures.
  • Open World Freedom: Choose your own path! Whether following the main story or engaging in side activities, the world is yours to explore.
  • Accessible Gameplay: Simple controls and integrated tutorials ensure that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game.
  • Top-down Perspective: Enjoy excellent visibility for both exploration and combat.
  • Humorous Combat: Engage in quick, decisive battles with a focus on archery and precision.
  • Horse-riding and Exploration: Ride through the countryside, participate in jousting tournaments, or explore the vibrant world.
  • Minigames: Enjoy a variety of minigames, from sword duels to rhythm challenges, to break up the adventure.
  • A World of Silliness
    Robin in da Hood features a vibrant and colorful world brimming with humor. With bright visuals, witty dialogue, and a unique soundtrack blending medieval music with modern influences like rap, the game creates a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere.

    Help Robin Restore Peace (and Maybe Win a Rap Contest)
    Join Robin Hood as he returns to Nottingham to find it under the oppressive rule of the Sheriff, who has imposed heavy taxes and brought misery to the people. Robin must not only battle the Sheriff’s tyranny but also pay off a hefty fine for a rather unusual incident involving a royal elk. Guide Robin through story missions and side activities, encountering wacky characters and hilarious situations along the way.


    A demo version of Robin in da Hood is coming to PC (Steam) this October. The release date and pricing will be confirmed later.

    Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for a medieval adventure like no other!