New Update and Release Date Announcement


Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter version 1.0 release on Dec 6th!

Embark on an epic journey through the Battle of the Atlantic this holiday season with the highly anticipated version 1.0! Featuring the long-awaited Career mode and additional battle variants, including the groundbreaking “Rescue” variant. Save points by rescuing sailors from torpedoed ships.

Key Updates:

  • “Leave No Man Behind” Update, featuring the new “Rescue” battle variant
  • DRT Functionality Enhancements
  • Adaptive U-boat Spawn System
  • Improved U-boat AI and Optimization
  • Dive into improved gameplay with time-distance-speed measurements and depth charge attack markers. Our Developer Showcase provides a behind-the-scenes look at our research.

    More details:

    Thank you for your support. Enjoy defending convoys!