Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is officially out of Early Access


We are delighted to announce the momentous release of Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, Version 1.0, accompanied by the eagerly awaited Career Mode. This marks a significant milestone in our journey.

Our convoy has navigated the challenges of development, reaching its destination despite the loss of a few vessels. We’ve encountered and vanquished numerous U-boats, rendering our voyage across the Atlantic a formidable battle.

The Career Mode, a culmination of your early requests, aims to provide a comprehensive background, enriching the contextual experience for destroyer captains.

For those who have accompanied us thus far, your unwavering support has been instrumental. Version 1.0 promises many hours of enjoyment, featuring a progressively challenging difficulty level and introducing the final two battle variants (“broken formation” and “endurance”).

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the community for shaping Destroyer into its current form. We trust that Version 1.0 will meet and exceed your expectations, beckoning new captains to embark on this captivating naval odyssey.

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