Dear Iron Wolf Studio fans …


Dear Iron Wolf Studio fans ⚓
Things have been quiet for a while, but if all goes well, we will soon have some good news for you! Iron Wolf Studio has been aiming to expand for some time now, and it seems that all our endeavors in this field may soon bear fruit. Once that happens, we will finally be able to share the news on our forthcoming releases, and we really can’t wait to do that!✊🔝

In the meantime, make sure to check out the updated U-Boot rulebook if you haven’t done so yet 📘 It should answer all your doubts regarding difficulty levels and activation, so it’s definitely worth flipping through.

Updated U-Boot rulebook

In the meantime, our work on U-Boot continues as always, and we hope that you will be pleased with our upcoming announcements. And, if all goes well, the next few weeks may be quite interesting 😉

But for now, the hunt continues⚓🔥