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Check out the pilothouse!


Hello, and welcome back to the world of destroyers and anti-submarine warfare! ⚓️ Today, we would like to show you another location on our Fletcher-class destroyer: the pilothouse, also referred to as the bridge.

This is where the ship is conned from and where the most important strategic decisions are made, as it is where the Captain would spend most of his time at sea 🌊 The role of the Captain in the game will be to make strategic decisions and set objectives, both for our own destroyer, and the remaining destroyers in the escort group. Proper formation, search plans, target allocation, and more – all of these will be controlled by the Captain and you will find that such decisions are almost never easy, especially when taken on the basis of incomplete information and under the pressure of time 

Fortunately, the Captain has a team of experts at the Combat Information Center who will be working to make his life more manageable. We are currently applying the final touches to that very location, and it is already looking insane! 🤩😎 As soon as we finish the lighting and the last remaining details, we will be very happy to share it in anticipation of the upcoming game videos that we are also preparing for you.

And yes, we are currently working on two trailers for the game, and we are confident that once you see them, you will have no choice but to add ‘Destroyer’ to your wishlist  Please let us know if you like what you see, and make sure to hit ‘like’ and ‘share’ if you wish to help us spread the word.