2020 Origins Awards Nominees


U-Boot the Board Game has just been announced as a finalist in the historical game category of the 2020 Origins Awards! 🤩🥳🔥We are very excited that our game has made it that far and we will be awaiting the final results on pins and needles!

Meanwhile, a new update for the U-Boot app is in the works – it will introduce a rules update to all the language versions other than English (which has already been up to date for a while), and a few minor improvements to the app as such.

Last, but not least, we are moving forward with Destroyer: the U-Boat Hunter. It is our first PC title (yes, a computer, and not a board game this time!), and, this game, we are once again attempting to break the boundaries between genres and reach new levels of naval warfare immersion 🌊⚓️

Please stay tuned for more information on our projects, and, as always…

Happy hunting!⚓️💪 Iron Wolf Studio…/2020-origins-awards-nominees