Sonar room, sonar control, destroyer teh uboat hunter

Does this look good or what? 😎

As promised, we are starting to reveal the first little bits of info on our upcoming game, Destroyer. I guess it is safe to say that we are really happy with the level of detail and that our painstaking research is beginning to pay off 😍
In the screenshots, you can catch the first glimpse of the sonar room. This is where a lot of the tension is going to come from. ‘Contact! Bearing 240 degrees, distance 1200 yards, up doppler, moving right!’. So, what are we going to do in this particular situation? Well, don’t ask me – it’s the business of the guys down in the CIC (the combat information center) to evaluate the situation and prepare the most optimal maneuvering and attack solutions for the Captain.👨‍✈️
However, we are not going to show you the CIC just yet 🙂 While it is almost ready, it is also one of the coolest places on the ship, packed with all sorts of cutting-edge military technology from the 1940s. And yes, we’re gonna let you play with some of it, but hey… I’m already saying too much 😉
If you like what you see, then please hit ‘like’ and stay tuned, because there is A LOT more good stuff coming your way. And, as you can see, we prefer to ramp up the tension steadily, like a good war thriller. Because this is exactly what Destroyer is going to be ⚓️🌊